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Category: Magic Trick
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Beer Can Floating On Air Trick
An entertaining magic trick that always works out for the magician

Effect: A soda / beer can can be seen to be stuck in mid air whilst the performer eerily moves his hand from the bottom to the top of the beer can to create the illusion that the can is suspended in mid air.

Preparation: None, the use of either a soda or beer can, oh and slightly greasy fingers may help although not compulsory.

Method: Hold the can in your hand, thumb on one side, fingers on the other, (towards the bottom of the can) , simply release your grip slightly and the can will start to slide downwards. When doing this, the hand needs to be gradually but slowly moving upwards, if the timing is right it will create quite a nice illusion that the can is suspended in mid air, the upward movement of the hand needs to be exactly the same as the downwards movement of the can.

Comments: This is a very simple trick. It is all in the timing, therefore it is worthwhile spending some time at home practising. The result should be a very visual trick which will have your onlookers dumbfounded and maybe they will even pay out a drink for you .

If you want to try some really clever stuff, lots of great tricks and levitations are explained in the Learn to Levitate DVD which explains how to levitate yourself and objects quickly and easily, leaving your audience completely surprised.


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