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Blonde On Plane To America
A very attractive blonde lady boards a plane bound for America and immediately
sits down in the business class area. The stewardess walks up to her and asks her
if she can check her ticket. The blonde shows her the ticket, which is clearly
marked economy class. The stewardess informs the lady that she must move to
which the blonde replies, "I am blonde and beautiful so I can sit anywhere!"

The stewardess informs the senior steward of the situation who then goes to speak to the blonde. Again the blonde replies, "I am blonde and beautiful so I can sit anywhere."

The steward does not know what to do so she goes to inform the captain. The co-pilot listening to the situation says, "let me deal with it sir. My girlfriend is blonde." So off he goes.

Everyone watches as the co-pilot walks up to the lady and whispers something in her ear. She then gets up and walks to the back of the plane and takes her seat in economy class. The captain amazed at how easily the co-pilot has resolved the situation asks the co-pilot what he said.

The co-pilot replies, "It was quite easy really. I just told her the front half of the plane doesn’t go to America..."

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