Obama, The True Extremist!

Look at the history of mankind and its mores. It has been an even slope of morals, more or less. Sure, there are deviations here and there, but they always regress back to the norm.

Innately, man knows what is perverted and normal and what is not. It is just that mankind can go through bouts of hysteria and gullibility. Sadly, the masses only spot propaganda in hindsight.

The propaganda has never been more subtle. Believe me, propaganda is out there. They haven’t removed it from the dictionary for good reason.

It is most scary when no one mentions the word propaganda… when no one even thinks there is propaganda being spewed.

Propaganda is hiding in plain sight.

We are experiencing a perverted progression like no other in human history. There have been a few deviations, but nowhere near as bad. All prior perverted deviations were regressed PAINFULLY back to the norm.

Do not for a second think it is different this time.

Every prior generation thought they were the greatest; in reality they were no better than the prior. It is just that some generations experience more extensive lapses of sanity.

I am trying to unwind the propaganda. Do not be against those trying to push it down and get us back to the normal line of 200,000 years.

Throughout history mankind has deemed homosexuality abnormal. But, for some reason, in the last 20 years it has changed. Why?

Something in the air? Food? Water? Certainly nothing that would lead to creating smarter humans.

They tell us there is global warming like never before. So, if anything maybe mankind has never been dumber and more gullible thanks to tons of pollutants screwing up their brains.

Add to that preservatives and pesticides in food.

Do we have any reason to think mankind is smarter today? No!

Are there any NEW reasons to be want to see homosexuality on display? No! The same reasons put forth before that were ludicrous before. I had perfect ability to assess such arguments even at the age of 14. I have the same view of this issue as I did at 24, and I was an A student in college, perfectly capable of assessing points any 14 year old could. Should I change the spelling of my name simply because time has passed?

The vast majority of what we believed to be true 20 years ago is still true. The vast majority of what we believed 20 years ago that was false is still false. It does not make me dumb for not changing just because it is 2016.

I do NOT change due to seasons, I change due to reasons.

The reasons have to be good. I need new reasons to change my mind as the reasons they use, I knew about long before and knew them to be bogus.

Give me a new reason.

And a good reason.

Otherwise, I am just going along with it because I have been CONDITIONED to.

Repetition does not make some valid. It’s validity does not change no matter how many times it is pushed.

If it is false on irrelevant on first blush, it is false forever unless I lacked understanding. But, if due to lack of understanding it won’t be long before I figure it out and revise my view.

I think as I did when I was young. I did not bother gay people even though they don’t have gay pride parades or gay marriage.

They say that they have to have such things or else we’ll like them all up and kill them.

Bs. Don’t use OUTLIERS OF HISTORY who were bad towards gays to generalize about all people.

We do not need mind programming to be avoid punching gays.

It is all cover for their true agenda.

One reason homosexuality is promoted is to reduce the population and lead to gay marriage. Why gay marriage? Simple! Politicians are mostly lawyers and have lawyer buddies. Can you imagine how many more divorces there will be when 1. People come out of the closet in marriages and 2. Gays get married?

Gay marriage will lead to tons of additional divorces meaning money for divorce lawyers (many of whom are politicians and buddies of politicians).

Sure, we access to more info at a moment’s notice, but this does not make us better at assessing info. It definitely does not make our brains bigger or smarter.

Am I to believe that 200,000 years of humanity we had a steady curve and all of the sudden in the last 20 years, we have made a significant leap in intelligence, enlightenment? Hell no. There is just no way that is possible. We are no smarter. No better. So, why has there been a big deviation in morals?

Propaganda is the reason. Some pervs with one hand on the keyboard or microphone and one hand on… sat around and thought, “How can we make ourselves seemed more enlightened than any past generation? And, what kind of perversion do you want to test out and see if we can get accepted?”

The trick is INCREMENTALISM. You start off with seemingly innocuous stuff. Maybe start off with saying it as joke. Maybe song, movie or sitcom that sort of deals with it mixed with humor.

They didn’t one day just say “Kill all Jews!” They started by mentioning how Jews ran the businesses and gradually upped the ante.

And, yes, I am referring to the Nazis in this example. But, keep in mind, Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST party and socialist aint no right wing term. No conservative would ever call himself a socialist.


The Nazi period, that was an aberration, off the line of normality. But, in time, the Germans stopped thinking Jews were rats. It took time, sadly.

Obama likes to call terrorists extremists, and yes, they are BUT they are many other things to, like car drivers, etc. Do we fixate on calling them car drivers? Their extremism is NOT the problem. The problem is they are murderers.

See, then he calls right wingers extremists to try to get you to EQUATE them with terrorists, in a subtle fashion whereby he doesn’t overtly call them terrorists, murderers, but wink-wink, nod, nod. He equates extremism with murder and calls right wingers extremists. You do the math.

Whereas, I do not suggest one go to extremes, I won’t make the leap that they are all murderers.

And, a problem is who the hell is HE to determine what constitutes extreme? We can agree what constitutes murder and terrorism, but not what is objectively extreme.

Obama is an extremist in my mind, yet not a murderer or terrorist. He has a right to be an extremist, though I do not recommend it. A problem I have with it is that he has the floor, a position of power (white coat effect) and many accept his view hook-line-and-sinker, whereas I do not. So, his views instantly get credence based on having that power position, in and of itself.

And, even if more deserving of it, my point is he takes advantage of it and has a moral imperative to be wary of it.

The last 20 years have involved a very extreme departure from the norm. How can we say it is right and all our ancestors were fools? No, the last 20 years is an EXTREME deviation of perversion.

They call themselves progressives. Typical name game. They are liberals trying to hide in sheeps clothing. I prefer names that more accurately reflect what you actually do. Conservatives do not call themselves humanists or advancers.

Progression to perversion.

They push, push, push and would say to those who resist, “Oh, you object, do you? So, you hate those people? You think we should line them up and shoot em, do you? If we don’t push this down your throat they will be slaughtered!”

Keep it to yourself. Keep it off tv. Do not push it on people. Do not try to get people to accept it and try it out.

You are no better than any other if you try to push your agenda.

We are no more enlightened. Our brains are no bigger. In fact, we might be dumber, just better off due mostly to technology very few were responsible for inventing.

Those who tout socialism I ask you: What if technological innovations of the last 20 years was removed from the scene? Where would you be? I suspect you wouldn’t think socialism/anti-competitiveness was so cool.

As such, I’ll stick with historic norms, thank you. Tried and true.

We are no smarter today so the collective interpretation of all history is significantly more valid.

Obama and his leftist CRONIES are extremists surfing a temporary deviation off the norm.

There will soon be a major regression back to the norm.

When a bombastic guy like Trump, the most un-pc guy candidate ever, can even be in the running… what does that say? The end of the pc era is nigh in more ways than one!

In time they will look back on this era with utter disgust.

You know how youth rebels? Well in a generation or two, rebellion will be against the left and all its perversions.

What perversion have they got planned next? Somebody is sitting there thinking, “Gee, I’m bored. What perversion can we think up next that will go against some well-heeled norm?”

What happens when the leftists/liberals/progressives/socialists, etc. run out of perversions to propagate?



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