Bias To Not Curing Things – We Need To Do It Ourselves

Those selling health products and services have a bias to only selling short term solutions or things perceived to reduce or temporarily reduce problems.

If they cure the problem, they effectively kill the golden goose.

Wrinkle cream does not even provide a short term solution. The perception it helps is what sells. But, they may wish to create something that works, short term, for then they could charge more and have  you continually coming back for more.

But, they sure are not going to try to create a permanent wrinkle cure.

Oh, sure, someone would love to find a cure for wrinkles for they and associates would make a killing. BUT, the industry would take a huge hit.

Governments would lose a ton of tax revenue if someone came up with a wrinkle cure. And, this is why the government does not intervene and put scammers out of business – so long as they pay their taxes!

I mean, come on! The government knows which product lines and specific products are scams or just do not work. The government could shut them down easily and fast, but choose not to simply because they would lose tax revenues.

Never let anything stand in the way of TRUE progress. I am NOT talking about weird things, perversions, liberal notions, but technological progress!

You constantly hear hype about coming innovations. They never actually arrive.

They are playing you.

Do not sit around waiting for solutions from those predisposed to not solve things.

You will have to take matters into your own hands!

There are billions of people on this planet. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website of problems and potential solutions? I mean, people would visit and pick a problem(s) and see if their proposed solution had been tested. If not, they would go out and test it and see if it solved the problem.

We need a worldwide democracy of problem solvers.

For a given problem, there would be a quota of testers, say 100, for a given solution.

For example: Gray hair IS A MASSIVE PROBLEM. It is not just the hair on your head and what it signifies to the person and others, but facial and body hair. A person with gray hair loses his distinguishing characteristics; he looks like every other old guy his age and 20 years older. Imagine if he were trying to get a date! He would have significantly fewer opportunities. Any woman would realize that he has gross gray facial and body hairs. She would assume he is dying his hair and given the cost, mess, time and hassle would stop doing so. But, if he had a permanent solution, he would have no gray hairs anywhere, forever. Or, if he had a homemade solution he would be far more apt to continually dye his hair.

So, you list gray hair as a problem. Right now I am testing root beer on gray hair. I gathered a bunch of gray hairs from willing contributors and balled them up. Then I tied the gray hairs together with a plastic tie. I did this because it is hard to work with just one gray hair. I then put the ball of gray hair into a small blue tub (blue to make the gray hair standout). I will wait and see if the gray hairs change color. And, if the color is changed, I will determine how long it stays that color after rinsing it with water. Later on I will retest the things that changed the hairs’ color. But, that time, I will not rinse it and just see how long till the hairs turn back to gray.

I will test everything on the gray hairs.

I will not totally clean the tub out – just rinse the hairs. Perhaps a combination will work. I know it will be hard to be sure a given item changed the color but it will probably be that item. But, just in case, since I keep a log, I will make a note to ultimately test a bunch of those things together.

Imagine if we have millions of people testing things?

Of course, I would not want to own the site myself given the liability! Everyone would have to use common sense and not do anything risky. Sadly, many would not use common sense and that person or the family would sue the site!

So, people would visit the site and look for or add problems. People would pick a given problem and scan the list of potential solutions being tested. If say 100 people were testing, say coffee, on gray hair, the quota would be met. The person would not be able to test coffee. They would think of something else and enter it in. Then they would test it.

You want to have a decent sample of tests done.

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