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There are these three women A redhead a...

There are these three women A redhead a brunette and a blonde. And they start to talk about their daughters. The red head says "you know i caught my daughter with cigars i did not know she smoked!" then the brunette says " I know! i found booze in my daughters room i didnt know mine drank!" then the blonde says.."OMG i like totally know where ur coming form OMG, i found like these these ummm condoms!? in my daughters room...like OMG i didnt know she had *whispers* a penisssss"

Where can you buy a 3 headed flying pur...

Where can you buy a 3 headed flying purple camel with 74 noses?


why couldnt the teddy bear eat any more...

why couldnt the teddy bear eat any more thanksgiving dinner?

he was already stuffed!

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