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"Her" Mamma Joke - Mother In Law At The Door

Monty: My wife is mad at me again.

Bartender: Why is that?

Monty: When I opened the front door this morning, her mother was on the step with her suitcases. She said, "Can I stay here for a few days?"

I said, "No problem!" and shut the door.

Mother In Law Joke - Bury Me At Sea

Herb: Promise me that when I die, I'll be buried way out at sea, with nothing around for miles.

Blanche: Why would you want that?

Herb: Because your mother vowed to dance on my grave.

What fruits are mentioned the most in history?


Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

At the bottom.

What was the colonists' favorite tea?


When do knights arrive for sporting events?

Joust in time.

Why didn't George Washington need a bed?

He would not lie.

Tattle Tails

Mother: Little Missy, do you know what happens to girls who always tattle on other kids or spread lies about them?

Little Missy: Sure, they grow up to be rich gossip columnists!

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