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Fat Clean Joke

Mr. Smith was morbidly overweight, as such his doctor put him on a diet. “I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day. Do this repeatedly for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you should have lost five pounds.” When Mr. Smith returned, he had lost about 20 pounds. […]

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Clean Minister Joke

A new minister was talking to the oldest member of his congregation. “I am 90 years old, sir, and I haven’t an enemy in the world,” said the aged one. “That is a beautiful thought,” said the clergyman approvingly. “Yes sir,” was the answer. “I’m thankful to say that I’ve outlived them all.” Bookmark/Share:

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While shopping in a grocery store, two Baptist church ladies passed by the liquor section. One asked the other if she would like a beer. The second good Baptist sister answered that, indeed, it would be very nice to have one. However, she suggested that she’d feel uncomfortable about buying it. The first sister replied […]

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Two cockroaches were mounging on garbage in an alleyway. Suddenly one of insects started discussing a new restaurant. “I was in that new restaurant across the street,” said one. “It is oh so clean! The kitchen is spotless, and the floors are gleaming white. There is no dirt anywhere. It’s so sanitary that the whole […]

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A small-town barber was doing well until a big company moved in across the street. They blitzed the place with signs reading, “$7 Haircuts!” Well, the barber lost all his customers and in despair he hired an expert. “I’m finished!” he declared…”I can’t compete with them!” But then the barber had an idea. The barber […]

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