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NS Krishnan - The Man Who Revolutionized The South Indians Through Comedy

In most western movies, comedy is just laughter. Witty dialogues and slapstick genre seemed to be the preferred choice. But, in NS Krishnan (NSK), the Tamil film industry in South India was gifted with a man who was far-sighted, way beyond his contemporaries at that time. NSK was a genius incorporating social reform messages to school the masses from being continuously shackled by orthodoxy and superstition.

The Woolly Bear

Sometimes we hear about predictive powers of natural objects and critters. Some of this traces back to pagan beliefs, some is pure humor, and there are some facts in there too. Before there were computers and academically trained experts, people turned to folklore to predict weather and other events.

When You Can't Stop Laughing at the Most Inappropriate Times

You have no control over it. There are just certain occasions when, if something strikes you as funny, you're in trouble. Your whole body demands laughter. The problem is, you have to hide it the best you can. Most likely, you're suffering from ILS. Is there a cure?

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